APEX Kickbox Club

The name of our club originated from the Latin word for peak, namely “Apex”. Our philosophy is built on the idea that each person can make the best of themselves, to “peak”, to be “Apex”.

We live this culture in many ways. On the one hand, in the training of mental well-being, selfconfidence, assertiveness or increased ability to concentrate in everyday life. On the other hand, APEX culture also cultivates the training of the body, which leads to a strengthened posture, increased strength and condition, and greater mobility.

All of this is lived against the background of kickboxing. We convey our passion for the dynamic and aesthetic fighting techniques of kickboxing and gladly pass them on to our members. It is important to us at APEX that all the members handle their kickboxing skills responsibly.

By achieving personal physical goals, like for example the participation in (amateur) competitions, reaching the next belt level or defining your own body, every member can identify with the APEX ideology. When working with us, everybody can be APEX.


Malek Belguith
Malek BelguithMain Instructor
Simon Bourgin
Simon BourginInstructor Kickboxing & Teen Kickboxing
Kim Berrendorf
Kim BerrendorfInstructor Kickboxing
Lea Felber
Lea FelberInstructor Mini-Kickboxing
Sascha To
Sascha ToInstructor Kickboxing
Carmen Vogt
Carmen VogtAssistant-Instructor Kids Kickboxing
Deborah Rimml
Deborah RimmlInstructor Functional Fitness
Francesco Bisanti
Francesco BisantiInstructor Kickboxing & Kids Kickboxing
Simon Philipp
Simon PhilippInstructor Fitness Kickboxing
Lars Lüthy
Lars LüthyAssistant-Instructor Kids Kickboxing
Noah Bisanti
Noah BisantiAssistant-Instructor Teen Kickboxing


The APEX team consists of young, dynamic and innovative people who are inspired by diverse, contemporary ideas. Nevertheless, the reference to the origin of traditional martial arts is important to us. In honor of these roots, we call our training space “Dojo”. The Japanese word reminds our members to treat each other with responsibility and kindness. Our dojo not only teaches movement, sports and fun, but also respect, as well as camaraderie and sincerity.

We train in two different dojos. We train in two different dojos: In our own main dojo in Markircherstrasse and in the dojo of the Gotthelfschulhaus on St. Galler-Ring (the exact address can be extracted from the contact details)

Kickbox Club APEX Basel - Dojo
APEX Fitnessbereich
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