Kickboxing combines the techniques of traditional martial arts and was designed as a competitive martial art where students of different styles (for example Karate, Taekwondo, Kungfu) could compete on contest level. Nowadays, Kickboxing is an independent and longestablished form of martial arts and is trained worldwide. With a wide range of hand and foot techniques, defense and block techniques, as well as combinations of [...]

Kids and Teen Kickboxing


In kids and Teen Kickboxing, the techniques of kickboxing are taught in a playful way to our students. Each training includes, in addition to a warm-up game, age-appropriate strength and fitness exercises to connect joy to movement already at an early age. It is of great important to us to cultivate respect, concentration and [...]



In Fitness Kickboxing, we work on strength and fitness (fitness) with the effective methods of kickboxing. However, we avoid fighting elements in this course. Each training includes extensive strength and conditioning exercises. In addition to stretching, boxing and kicking techniques are also trained; these are performed in partners on punch cushions or on sandbags. The focus of these exercises is on improving [...]

Fitness Area


Our fitness area is small but well equipped and allows you to train independently and intensively. The equipment in our fitness area is built for strength and fitness training and offer you the best possible way to get the most out of your workout. You can train specific muscle parts with various free dumbbells and therefore complement your kickbox training in the most effective way. [...]



Circuit Training focuses on variety in the exercises as well as fun. Different intense strength and fitness exercises are performed in a smaller group. All of the body parts are trained equally, and special attention goes to correct execution and form of the exercise. We highly value core training to work on your posture and, among [...]

Personal Training


A lot of our students have limited time capacities or would like to be supervised individually or in pairs by a instructor. Naturally, this is possible here. In a short initial meeting with one of our coaches, a training program will be created for you based on your needs and wishes. We offer you a palette of [...]

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