Kickboxing combines the techniques of traditional martial arts and was designed as a competitive martial art where students of different styles (for example Karate, Taekwondo, Kungfu) could compete on contest level. Nowadays, Kickboxing is an independent and longestablished form of martial arts and is trained worldwide. With a wide range of hand and foot techniques, defense and block techniques, as well as combinations of [...]


Kids and Teen Kickboxing

In kids and Teen Kickboxing, the techniques of kickboxing are taught in a playful way to our students. Each training includes, in addition to a warm-up game, age-appropriate strength and fitness exercises to connect joy to movement already at an early age. It is of great important to us to cultivate respect, concentration and [...]



In Fitness Kickboxing, we work on strength and fitness (fitness) with the effective methods of kickboxing. However, we avoid fighting elements in this course. Each training includes extensive strength and conditioning exercises. In addition to stretching, boxing and kicking techniques are also trained; these are performed in partners on punch cushions or on sandbags. The focus of these exercises is on improving [...]


Fitness Area

Our fitness area is small but well equipped and allows you to train independently and intensively. The equipment in our fitness area is built for strength and fitness training and offer you the best possible way to get the most out of your workout. You can train specific muscle parts with various free dumbbells and therefore complement your kickbox training in the most effective way. [...]



Circuit Training focuses on variety in the exercises as well as fun. Different intense strength and fitness exercises are performed in a smaller group. All of the body parts are trained equally, and special attention goes to correct execution and form of the exercise. We highly value core training to work on your posture and, among [...]


Personal Training

A lot of our students have limited time capacities or would like to be supervised individually or in pairs by a instructor. Naturally, this is possible here. In a short initial meeting with one of our coaches, a training program will be created for you based on your needs and wishes. We offer you a palette of [...]


Corporate and Team Trainings

Our rich experience in the martial arts sector allows us to create an individual training program for corporate clients. Our programs aim at the health and well-being of the individual participants and provide a strengthening of team bonds. We can also provide fitness programs for sports teams [...]


What does a trial training cost?2021-03-01T19:26:54+01:00

Nothing – it’s free. We offer every interested person two free trial training sessions to get to know kickboxing.

What do I have to bring to the trial training?2021-03-01T19:27:05+01:00

You only need a sports pant, a t-shirt, a water bottle and your shower things, if needed.

Where can I sign up for a trial training?2021-03-01T19:27:14+01:00

To register for a trial training session, you can go to trial training and sign up there. You can also contact us by phone or email.

How do I apply for a membership?2021-03-01T19:27:23+01:00

After the trial training, the instructor will give you a registration form which you can then fill out and bring to your next practice – that’s it: you’re an APEX member! A few days later you will receive your first membership invoice.

Do I have to fight if I sign up for kickboxing?2021-03-01T19:27:41+01:00

No, we don’t make anyone fight (sparring). After a few weeks of training, we offer you the possibility of participating in sparring; however, in a safe environment and with your safety gear. If you then like it, we gladly further introduce you to it. If you don’t like fighting, our instructors will provide you with alternatives such as practice on the punching bag or focus mitt training.

Do I have to participate in competitions if I sign up?2021-03-01T19:27:47+01:00

No, we only enter our experienced and ambitious members in competitions. This is based on your own will and motivation. Only 10% of our members actively participate in competitions. But of course, you can always join us and come watch.

Is sparring regulated regarding hardness?2021-03-01T19:27:57+01:00

Yes, us – the instructors and our experienced members – provide a safe space during practice. Within this space, you can train and experience this martial art without having to be afraid of hard punches.

Why does APEX train with belts?2021-03-01T19:28:28+01:00

Using the Belt System allows our members to regularly set new and verifiable goals and prepare for them without having to participate in competitions. In addition, it serves as an indicator of the participants’ level of experience. This helps you to find out who might be able to help you during practice.

Do I have to take the belt test if I want to train with you?2021-03-01T19:28:34+01:00

No, all the tests are voluntary.

For what age is kids kickboxing appropriate?2021-03-01T19:28:48+01:00

For children between the ages of 7 and 11.

My child is younger than 7 years old. Can it participate in the training anyway?2021-03-01T19:28:57+01:00

Yes, we can always make exceptions. After a trial training we can discuss what we’ve observed and how we assess the situation. Based on these conversations we can discuss whether or not an admission of your child would be appropriate and beneficial before the age of 7.

Are parents allowed to watch the training?2021-03-01T19:29:05+01:00

Yes, of course. Both Dojos offer seating for visitors.

For what age is Teen Kickboxing appropriate?2021-03-01T19:29:20+01:00

For teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16 years.

What’s the difference to Kids Training?2021-03-01T19:29:31+01:00

The training is designed to suit the age of the participants, focusing on more complex techniques and preparing for competitions. It serves as a transition to adult training.

What is the difference between the kickbox training and the fitness kickbox training?2021-03-01T19:29:38+01:00

In Fitness Kickboxing there is no sparring (training fights) and the training focuses more on the fitness aspects of kickboxing. On top of that, the training lasts only 1 hour instead of 1.5. Instead of using the whole equipment, only gloves and bandages are required.

What do I need to participate in the Circuit Training?2021-03-01T19:29:50+01:00

Apart from sport shorts or pants, a shirt and a water bottle and maybe things for the shower, you will also need clean indoor shoes.

Do I need my own equipment?2021-03-01T19:29:56+01:00

Yes, you need your own equipment. In order to get through the first month, you can rent equipment from us (gloves and foot protectors). After that, you should have your own protectors.

Where does one get the equipment?2021-03-01T19:30:01+01:00

You can purchase your whole equipment from us. We have many things in stock and we can also order different articles from our supplier if you have any special requests.

Can I pause my subscription if I am injured or if I can’t train for a longer period because of some other reason?2021-03-01T19:30:09+01:00

Yes. For an absence between 1 and 6 months you can take a “time-stop”. You only need to send an email to our administration (buchhaltung@kickboxclubbasel.ch) indicating the starting date and the end of your pause. It’s crucial that absences are communicated in advance. We cannot grant subsequent “time-stops”.

Does my subscription renew itself automatically?2021-03-01T19:30:17+01:00

Yes, your subscription renews itself automatically. The cancellation period is one month before the expiration date.

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